andreina Andreina Carmen Camero de Lima

termín EDS - jún 2008 - máj 2009

predstavenie Andreiny:

My name is Andreina, I have 19 years, I am from Brazil and I am working as a volunteer here in Slovakia for Žirafa.
I like to study languages, I already speak spanish, english and I hope to be speaking slovak in some time. I also love is one of my favorites things. More, I like to travel,meet new people, discover new cultures, go out and enjoy my life with my friends.
I am a calm and diligent person,who likes to learn new things and know about different cultures. That is one of the reasons I decided to come to Slovakia. I know here I will learn many things that will help me a lot in my life,not only professional but also personal.
The other reason for me to come is that I really like to work with kids and I know that I have so many things to offer here,as my culture and my knowledge. I hope to help a lot in Slovakia.

Bye bye...

26.8.2008 Andreina píše:
I am already in Slovakia for three months and I just can say that I am loving this time here.
I did so many different things and meet great people. Every day that goes I feel better living here, enjoying a lot everything Slovakia can offer to me.
I also have been working in the summer camps of Žirafa and it is really nice! I spent a lot of time with the kids and although I can not understand them very well, these are perfect moments for me, because I like them so much.
The camps are good too because I could travel and visited some beautiful places, know more about the culture of the country and make new friends.
For me, be in Slovakia has been the most exciting experience in my life!!!
I totaly love my volunteer´s life!!!
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