Magdalena Lenhart
termín EDS - október 2008 - jún 2009

predčasne ukončená EDS dňa 28.2.2009

my name is Magdalena, I am from Austria, Vorarlberg and I am 18 years old. I arrived in Slovakia on the end of September and I am going to stay here until June. I teach German in Žirafa and if somebody announces I will also teach how to play the piano. I came to Slovakia to see what the countries on the eastern border of Austria are like, to test my skills and also to make some new experiences. I already discovered many differences to Austria but I do really enjoy my time here, because I like to learn things about other cultures and countries. Generally I am interested in music, art, philosophy and cinema. It is quite fascinating to see how these things are in Slovakia. Summing up I have to say that I really affect my time here, I met a lot of nice and very interesting people from all over the world and that is one of the things I absolutely admire here namely the variety. I hope I can be for Slovakia as much an enrichment as it is for me.

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