základné informácie

Gilberto Pereira

dobrovoľník z Brazílie

termín EDS: 1.10.2010-31.8.2011

trvanie EDS: 11 mesiacov


Gilberto, ďakujeme za čas strávený s tebou!


Ahoj Everybody!!

I'm Gilberto Pereira, 21, from Brazil. I'm studying Information Technology and I arrived in Slovakia on 1st October 2010. The Slovakia is similar in some points and diferents in another point of Brazil. One of most difference is about the food and climate. Here has many wonderfull mountains and cultural events. The people are much kinds and available to help us when we need. For while, I will give Portuguese language class and activities with children. This is my first week here and I hope discovery many things, make many friends as possible and, mainly, help the people.

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