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lucas Lucas Emmanuel Lopes e Santos - z Brazílie

termín EDS - júl 2007 - jún 2008

27.8.2007 S batohom cez hory - denný tábor

Tu si môžete prečítať dojmy nášho Lucasa, ako bolo na ďalšom, tentokrát dennom tábore - S batohom cez hory...


:: 20.8.2007 Hollywood Camp - time to make movie


This week we had at Zirafa some superstars! I worked at the Summer Camp " Hollywood", where we recorded a movie with children and young people. We stayed from Sunday (August 5th) to Saturday (August 11 th) in the Rajecka Lesna village – place where we made the movie and the activities with the participants.

Each day of the week we had some different activity with them. Monday was the day to make the Special Effects to the movie. On the next day the children had a Dance Teacher, who taught them one music that later was recorded in a Video clip! The girls really liked this activity… On Wednesday we had a surprise! Some guys with "Army clothes" visited us in an amazing presentation with some guns, etc. They participated of the movie as the "Bandits", but everything was a theater :) The children enjoyed it a lot. On Thursday we had the Fire Show at night, a very nice presentation! Finally on Friday we had the Treasure Game, where children had to go to the forest and discover the check points to find the treasure; and I protected it wearing an Indian costume!

It was a really nice experience for me… In my page you can see some photos from this Summer Camp.


:: 20.7.2007 prvé zážitky Lucasa ;-)

This is my third week in Slovakia, and I could realize that it will be a wonderful life’s
experience for me. The contact with children from abroad is being a real challenge for me! In my first week we had at Žirafa the Language Camp, where children learned some basic things of English, German, Finish, Spanish and French. We made
some games like animal names, colors and fruits, to improve the learning for children. In the end of each Language Camp the children received a certificate for
the participation in the activities.

Photos – Language Camp

In my second week we had the Summer Camp, with visits to some castles and historic places in Slovakia. On Monday (July 9th) we went to the Eko skanzenu, where we could see a beautiful and small farm close to Žilina. Furthermore, there were some handmade miniatures of castles from Slovakia. On Tuesday (July 10th) we had some activities inside Žirafa, with some games to the children. On Wednesday (July 11th) we went to Orava Castle, a beautiful place in Slovakia. There, we had a tour inside the castle and the children could learn some things about the history of this place. On Thursday (July 12th) was the day to walk… We went to Strečno Castle, in a village close to Žilina. It was a nice opportunity to be in contact with the nature of this region in Slovakia. On Friday (July 13th) we visited two castles: Beckov and Trenčín, both in different cities close to Žilina. The children also learned some things about the history of these castles and could take many photos!

:: 26.6.2007 prišiel k nám Lucas Emmanuel

A tu je jeho prvý príspevok:

Ahoj friends and volunteers from Žirafa!

My name is Lucas Emmanuel, I´m from
Brazil and will work as a volunteer here through the EVS Program until June, 2008. I´m very happy with this opportunity and I hope it can be a wonderful experience for me.

In my page you can find some information about my country and my Brazil´s friends...


See you...

amigos, that´s me and my friends from Brasil...
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